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Ashburton maps out new representation

Ashburton maps out new representation
A map of the existing ward boundaries in the Ashburton District.

Methven's community board will lose an elected member while some households will switch wards under boundary changes proposed in Ashburton District’s representation review.

The Ashburton District Council is undertaking its mandated six-yearly representation review, which ensures residents have a fair number of elected members for their region.

The initial proposal, which will go out for public consultation, largely maintains the status quo except for proposing to reduce the number of elected members on the Methven Community Board from five to four.

There would also be changes to the Methven Community Board, and the Ashburton and Eastern Ward boundary.

The proposal is to retain the nine council members elected from three wards, plus the Mayor. The wards are as follows:

The boundaries for Ashburton and Eastern Wards will be adjusted to include the new development around Trevors Road in the Ashburton Ward due to the urban development of the area (as shown below).

The Methven Community Board will reduce from five to four elected and two appointed members - the two Western Ward councillors, while its boundary will extend to include properties on the periphery of the town accounting for recent development (as shown below).

Public consultation on the initial proposal will take place from June 13 to July 21.

A hearing will consider any submissions and any potential amendments before adopting a final proposal for the representation arrangements for the next triennial election, scheduled for October 11, 2025.

Proposed population representation:

Ashburton Ward: Ashburton town and Lake Hood. 21,220 residents, five members (ratio 4,244:1).

Western Ward: The inland rural area of the district including Methven. 7640 residents, two members (ratio 3,820:1).

Eastern Ward: Covers the seaward rural area of the district including Rakaia and Hinds. 7,860 residents, two members (ratio 3,930:1)

By Jonathan Leask